About Us

The Company was formed in 1993 and has established itself in many areas of the property sector.With strong roots and links within the banking industry the company has undertaken a significant amount of consultancy work in this field, providing lending institutions with informative and constructive advice on Finance and property transactions.

In its property management operations it is a recognised name at The Circle in London SE1 where it is the main letting agent. By managing over 50% of the investment properties at the development we have maintained strong rental growth for our landlords and provided quality apartments for our corporate and private tenants.

Our location and in depth knowledge of The Circle has also enabled us to become the leading selling agent for the development.

Through Thompson and Partners Limited, an associated Insurance intermediary business, access to the full product range of this industry is proving to be a major asset to the business and its clients.

The staff employed by the company are experienced professionals, who are able to offer a fast and efficient service to our clients and their diverse requirements